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Rubal Logistics Pvt. Ltd launches in 2011. As a customs & excise consultancy, It has witnessed a growth of both its customer portfolio and transaction volumes, in line with incorporation of its new services. Rubal Logistics endeavors to provide a group of professional experts, with expert staff to provide excellent and comprehensive excellent services in foreign trade and international logistics.

Being an organization fully involved in marketing of services, our aim to benefit our clients by import viz. Import/Export Control order/ Policies, Customs Act, Central Excise Act/ Rules etc

With the aim of being at the forefront of the shipping and customs clearance business we adopt a flexible approach to meet the ever-changing and growing needs of our customers. In a nutshell, our tailor made services in the domain, sets clients free from cumbersome administrative process, reduces costs and minimizes the risk of loss or product damage.
Rubal Logistics Pvt. Ltd. specializes in

Setting up of SEZ, NEPZ, EOU, STP & all export promotion schemes

Pharmaceutical Products

Heavy Machinery

Project Handling

Diplomatic Goods

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